Impact, the story of a crew on Atari ST.

In the year 1989, I (DAD) was owning my 520 STF since one year. I was programming some stuffs with GfA BASIC, and swapping with lots of guys because it was hard for me to get news. So I had a lot of contacts.

Then I found in a paper magazine (TILT) the address a of guy living 60 Km from me, saying that he own news (I phoned him for the first time on 19/05/89). So I wrote him. This guy had the pseudo 'FREDDY' (now TOXIC). For some blanks disks, he gave me very hot news, he became rapdily my best supplier (War in middle earth (3 disks, very hard to find in these times)). We were mainly using ACOPY 1.2x, and sometimes FASTCOPY 2 (but I don't colors of this version) because all disks were not totally cracked.
I copied some of my .GFA stuffs on the blanks disk that I was sending to him.

11/89 FREDDY has get a .PRG packer ! (JEK v1.2d) and a Ram Saver (by PamPuk (who is this genious?)), so he decide to create a band (to make packeds games CDs (First, it was easy, 2 single side games on a double side disk !!) with me and a friend of him.
FREDDY takes now the pseudo 'BATMAN' and his friend 'JOKER' (now SUNSET !!). The band's name is 'BAT BOYS', I decide to keep my pseudo: DAD (3 letters, so I can't write it in the highscores of the arcades games!). Later we will learn that a crew named 'BAD BOYS' exist. I create a GfA intro (CREB_2) to put in the auto folder, it load a .PC1, then quit to the desktop. But BATMAN does not understand anything to the usage (coz I've not given him the .GFA !..).
I meet JOKER (and I take his cold), he's at the same school that me !! (at ANGLET (near BIARRITZ)). I realise that he was well chosen his pseudo, coz sometimes he's looks totally mad !!!!. So I ask him if BATMAN looks like to the BATMAN of the movie (!).

23/12/89 I gonna buy a STAR LC10 printer, and I go to the house of BATMAN, first time I meet him. Very strange to speak with a guy that is in front of you, when you have heard his voice during hours at phone.

12/89 I went to a coding/copy party organized by MAD VISION (they were in a French corporation named GENESIS). We were 8 guys (DEF KLF+FANTASIA+004/MV, me + SUNSET + TOXIC /BAT BOYS, TIGER+PREDATOR/FASHION (they showed us photo's of a coding party with TCB, OMEGA, and others in sweden. We were amazed, Fashion showed us the 'CUDDLY-DEMOS', we all hurry up to copy the disks !).

02/90 BATMAN change the name of our crew from BAT BOYS to ALIEN NATION. A graphist enter. It's HELRIZER. BATMAN change his pseudo to X FACTOR. I do a sample-demo named "LES INCONNUS: LA PETITION" (sampled jokes).
A corporation with THE BAD BOYS, THE ALIEN NATION, and AXIOM (a single, guy, asm coder) is created. Named: IMPACT ! (AXIOM found this name).

06/90 MAXI of THE REPLICANTS decide to fuck IMPACT in his crack intros, because we did a games CD with games cracked's by the group V8. 14/06/90 DVD (DAD Antivirus v1.7 is done), my IMPACT UTILITIES v1.0 is finished.

17/07/90 'MAIS VOUS ETES FOU !' (sampled-STOS demo done by DAD) is finished (RAM 1 Mo required).

08/90 Alliance: THE STRANGLERS (TSG), including: HMD + FUZION + IMPACT.

11/90 Alliance: Impact enters in THE SYNDICATE (fromed of groups: The Reanimators, The Public Enemies, The Corporation, MJJ Prod), and leave it 5 months later : the distance is definitively a problem (Reanimators and TPE lived in Sweden).
I still remember the units decreasing on our phone credit card when calling RedZone/Reanimators!.

01/91 Alliance TSG is broken. FUZION vs IMPACT (CD Menus games compilations war starts)
New alliance: THE GUILD. Including HEMOROIDS (HMD) + IMPACT.

03/91 Current IMPACT slogan is: "TDS" (Toutes Des Salopes).

04/91 IRONSIDE enters in IMPACT

Alliance joined: 4AFC (but nothing done with them).

05/91 Impact is present at the Transbeauce II coding party.

12/91 CODING/COPY PARTY organized by the alliance FACTORY: the "Prehistoric party". The groups presents: FACTORY, IMPACT, MAD VISION, PULSION.

06/92 Impact cd menu compil #80 is reached.

02/93 Alliance SEXWAX with EAGLES (ARD/EAGLES).

07/93 Coding party "Place To Be 1" organized by IMPACT (Toxic, Sunset, Ayoros, Dad) with groups EAGLES and EKO.

04/94 Ayoros enters as J.R in EKO (Extremely Kreative Organization) to code on Falcon.

10/94 Impact Basic released (GFA compatible).

01/95 A group named Impact Studios (hi Sigfrid !) appears on PC. They are 3D coders. So there is 2 groups named Impact in France.

07/95 Nazgul enters. He coded an uncrypter (3617) for X pictures from Compatibles PC Mag.

12/99 A web page relating Impact group is published on Internet.

Not dated: Bastards Inc include some members of Impact and Mad Vision.

Logo credit: Helrizer.
Music by TAO of ACF.

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